April 23, 2012

Jennifer Lawrence in Talks to Star in Adaptation of Jeannette Walls Memoir 'The Glass Castle'

Lionsgate, the studio that brought The Hunger Games to life on screen, recently bought the rights to The Glass Castle - a memoir by gossip columnist Jeannette Walls about surviving a willfully impoverished, eccentric, and severely misguided family.

The Glass Castle on Goodreads

The Glass Castle was on The New York Times bestseller list for a total of 261 weeks, setting the record for a memoir.

The film rights were originally picked up by Paramount in 2005. According to Deadline, Lionsgate not only acquired the rights to the memoir but there's already a producer and screenwriter attached to the adaptation, and Jennifer Lawrence (The Hunger Games) is in talks to star.

I picked up this book a couple of years ago when my hubby was required to read it for a class he was taking. Based on the book, I think there's a lot of potential here for the actress that takes the part - whether it's Jennifer Lawrence or not.  Though I definitely think that Jen has the chops for this one; especially considering the part she played in Winter's Bone, the role that earned her an Oscar nomination.


  1. I haven't even heard of this. Probably because I'm not real big on memoirs. But it seems as Jennifer Lawrence is on the fast track to the top.

  2. I haven't read TGC but I do know this gal is fantastic. She's got my respect.

  3. I haven't read the book so don't know much about it but its great to see that she's on the rise.