August 10, 2012

[Friday Links] Fifty Shades Outsells Harry Potter

Fifty Shades trilogy outsells Harry Potter series in the UK.

Fox to develop series adaptation of The Beach - based on the book by Alex Garland and the movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

Check out the world's top earning authors.

The Atlantic tells us why women dominate Young-adult Fiction.

The Best of the YA 'B-Side' (lesser-known books by popular authors).

The Diviners by Libba Bray has been acquired by Paramount/Fake Empire and has been earmarked as the first in a franchise of films.

Jennifer Lawrence is negotiating a $10 Million payday for Catching Fire.

Groups lobby HarperCollins to remove Berenstain Bears books from Chik-Fil-A restaurants.

CBS options Michael Koryta novel, A Welcome Grave, for TV Series.

NPR lists the books you're supposedly not allowed to read in the summer.

100 Best-Ever Teen Novels

Glee star Chris Colfer lands deal for a YA novel.

Fifty Shades trilogy spawns album.

What if Classic novels had 8-bit covers? Check out these 8-bit redesigns.

The Great Gatsby adaptation release moved to Summer 2013.

As part of the Nook Kids Summer Reading Program, Barnes & Noble is giving a collection of Disney e-books (aimed at 3 to 6 year olds) to customers who purchase a Nook Tablet today through September 2.


  1. Hope the book that Chris Colfe is going to write is going to be good. :) I like his character on Glee. :)

  2. They moved GG to next year? Boooooooooooooo!

    Surpassed Harry? Sad!

    That Berenstain Bears story burns my bum! GRRRRRRRRRRRR So now we're going to start getting into the personal, faith, and political beliefs and donations of every book seller? Grrrrr

    Thanks for the news :)

  3. Obligatory:

    (warning: language and purple prose ahead).

  4. I am currently reading 50 Shades (hangs head in shame). I'm actually a bit annoyed with it at the moment.

    I can't believe it's surpassed Harry though...that series is beyond epic. I think Harry can make a comeback.