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Enjoy the Beauty of Vintage Door Knobs Today!

Believe it or not, but there was the time when most of homeowners would refuse to exchange their ornate door knobs with faceless knobs made of brass nickel, and copper. Smooth finishes were not appreciated in those far times, look People used to be fond of the door knobs decorated with engraved ornaments as well as those made of glistening glass. These hardware items had an old style and what is even more surprising is that nowadays, these door knobs are back with their popularity. Today, vintage door knobs are what a great number of modern homeowners are longing for and dreaming of.

If you look for original vintage door knobs in the modern market, you'll find out that they are extremely expensive. Far not every person can afford one, but, fortunately, due to the highly developed science and technology we're experiencing today, there is a few manufacturers who offer excellent replicas of these excellent masterpieces. As a result, nowadays we have the market full of replicas of the most exquisite vintage door knobs with the designs that simply capture that old look millions of homeowners are looking for.

The advantage of this new field of manufacturing is that they offer quite budget-friendly products in comparison with the original antique door knobs which will remain just a dream for many people forever. These manufacturers produce not only door knobs but they also make everything from thumb turns and keyhole covers to strikers and skeleton keys.

With door strikers you can make your door even more functional and vintage-looking. But still there is a hint that something modern is hidden behind it. People, who wish to remodel a door by means of using vintage door knobs, can get a modern striker on their door jam. There is good news - modern designers have thought through this point thoroughly and most vintage door knobs can be added with matching strikers. The latter can be installed any type of the door with a lock and thumb turns.

However, before purchasing a striker separately, ensure that your vintage door knobs are not added with these in the kit. The matter is that many manufactures put the strike plate and the face plate into the kit, thus, you won't need to buy the strike separately. But in this case vintage door knobs don't have the strike plate original in its character, so you may need to purchase it if you deal with originals only.

You're free to choose from any of the available types of vintage door knobs - made of copper, silver, brass, or any other contemporary finishes. In addition, you can get a completely new look selecting something special and exclusive such as the hammered cooper that feature an oil-rubbed bronze finish. Many contemporary homeowners prefer it due to the improved texture on it.

Finally, it's worth mentioning that the market is flooded with other designs of vintage door knobs for you to choose from. Undoubtedly, the best way to get any of them is via going online. For it just turn on your personal computer and spend a few minutes to select the most suitable designs to your taste and preferences. And, certainly, enjoy the beauty of your new vintage door knobs!